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Activist Investor: Definition, Role, Biggest Players
famous activist investors famous activist investors

By the one-year mark this has leveled out, though the firm maintains value creation as opposed to those names that lose value. In 2014, Gross resigned from PIMCO during a period of internal management struggles, but he continued managing large bond portfolios for firms like Janus Henderson, where he remained until 2019. Icahn is most famous for the “Icahn lift.” This is the Wall Street catchphrase that describes the upward bounce in a company’s stock price that typically happens when Icahn starts buying the stock of a company he believes is poorly managed.

  • In 2018, Elliot successfully campaigned for Hyundai to cancel its planned corporate restructuring, and to increase the dividend.
  • While TSR dipped between 2017 and 2018 but rose again in 2019 jumping 7%.
  • He invented the concept of value investing in the 1920s -- an approach that prioritizes buying stocks priced below their intrinsic values.
  • The data are from 13D Monitor and FactSet, and they are listed in alphabetical order.

Focused on arbitrage and options trading before he got into activist investing. In April 2014, Ackman took a stake in the pharmaceutical company Allergan and teamed up with Valeant to push for a merger deal. Pershing Square and Valeant pocketed about $2.6 billion in profitswhen Allergan agreed to sell itself to Actavis, according to The New York Times. Since then, it's pushed the burger chain to do share buybacks and turn more company-owned stores into franchises. Over the course of three years, Blue Harbor reaped a 75% return, The Wall Street Journal reported. Just as in the market cap index comparison, Pershing Square starts strong in its positions with outperformance far outweighing the losers.

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Today activists are more likely to push a company to accept an acquisition offer, sell off certain parts of its business, or improve operations. These are pre-built investment strategies that offer a variety of options built around investment themes - inflation, emerging tech, value vault, crypto, and so on. You can build a portfolio of kits based on risk tolerance and timeline, whether you’re near retirement or just getting started. Cohen sold his 7.78 million shares of BBBY stock for an estimated profit of $68 million on August 16 and 17, 2022.

For example, while Warren Buffett and John Templeton are some of the most famous value or contrarian investors, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, and others have also earned reputations for their value investing success. Several investors, including Thomas Rowe Price Jr. and Phillip Fisher, have made names for themselves by successfully investing in growth stocks, and both are considered "fathers" of growth investing. Here are the top activist investors in the U.S. based on assets under management and the number of companies each activist has targeted between Jan. 1, 2017 and Oct. 13, 2020. Activist investors are shareholders that purchase large numbers of a public company's shares in an effort to effect a significant change within the company, often by trying to obtain seats on the company's board. A company can become a target of an activist if it is mismanaged, has excessive costs and could be run more profitably as a private company, or has another problem that the activist believes it can fix to make the company more valuable. They recognize that public companies are sometimes valued at less than the sum of their parts—the amount they could generate if they were liquidated.

famous activist investors

Icahn often focuses on targets with limited organic growth opportunities, excess cash on the balance sheet, and weak corporate governance. The folks in charge at Northern Pipeline believed it was their company and that investors had no understanding of the business—their only contribution to its success was cash. In the end Graham got his way, and the era of the activist investor was born. Activist investors tend to target companies they feel are mismanaged, have excessive expenses, or have any other issues that the activists feel they can fix to make the company more valuable to shareholders. While corporate governance has been the main driver for investor activism over the last four years, it will be wrong to say it is exclusively driven by corporate governance. A single campaign can be driven by multiple factors, as seen in the case of Bed Bath and Beyond, and more recently Elliot Management’s engagement with eBay.

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This led to board and management changes and review of its strategy thus to the sale of its ticketing division to StubHub. Activist investors may use amended Schedule 13D filings to comment on a company's response to their proposals. The initial 13D filing gives the activist investor a golden opportunity to publicize their case for change at the targeted company. At the same time, the filing curtails the activist's ability to alter their stake in, and plans for, the company out of the public eye.

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Whether activist campaigns are successful or not, it is important to note that any activist campaign brings negative publicity, takes time to arrange, and in many ways disrupts the activity of a business and its management. Investor activists often announce their campaigns by filing a Schedule 13D form with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission , which must be filed within 10 calendar days of acquiring 5% or more of a company's voting class shares. Activist investors buy minority stakes in public companies to change how they are run. Marc Mezvinsky is an investment banker who is married to Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former U.S. president Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The hedge fund reminded Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street that its campaign was in line with their own publicly stated goals to see the carbon emissions of the companies in their portfolios fall sharply over the next 30 years.

Understanding Activist Investors

Sachem Head offers a unique challenge for this study, in that it has a very small sample size of activist positions and represents the shortest time frame of all examined firms. That said, Sachem Head is an incredibly strong outlier in terms of value creation, demonstrated by all four of its campaigns outperforming and providing very high returns. Warren Buffett is often considered the world’s best investor of modern times. Buffett started investing at a young age, and was influenced by Benjamin Graham’s value investing philosophy. He also focused on investing in high-quality businesses with strong competitive advantages, or “economic moats,” that would protect their profits over time. Buffett is also known for his long-term approach to investing, and his ability to stay patient and disciplined even during times of market volatility.

We are seeing traditional investors change their position rapidly from passive to active engagement. The surge in activist activities in 2020 may be ascribed to these new actions, and it is widely expected that this trend will continue. Campaigns carried out so far in 2020 shows an overall increase in the number of campaigns, as we are only part way through the year. However, successful campaigns currently stand at 44 which represents 6% of total campaigns, while settled campaigns stands at 31, representing 3%. This trend marks a major expansion of both the types of investors who intervene as activists, and the target of such interventions.

Activist Investor: Definition, Role, Biggest Player

He was also one of the pioneers of content marketing, and rather than depending on paid ad agencies, marketed his brand through numerous media tools, such as the Red Bulletin magazine. Scooter Braun is an American investor, record executive, and media proprietor. Credited with co-founding TQ Ventures and Mythos Studios, Braun was named on Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world list in 2013. Also a well-known philanthropist, Scooter Braun works closely with charity organizations, such as the Braun Family Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is credited with founding the EIM Group, for which he also serves as the chairman. Investor and lawyer Christopher Sacca owns the venture capital firm Lowercase Capital, which has invested in organizations such as Twitter, Instagram, and Uber.

The steepest value destruction can be seen in Icahn’s two-year returns in the Real Estate sector. That said, Icahn’s investments in the Financials, Consumer Staples and Communication Services sectors have seen their performances improve over each period. However, the energy sector has seen limited investment returns, which can be attributed to the volatile and cyclical nature of the industry, and the firm’s Information Technology picks have also not produced value. According to The Edge’s study, Pershing Square’s positions vastly outperform their respective market cap indices in the first three months.

He previously held senior editorial roles at Investopedia and Kapitall Wire and holds a MA in Economics from The New School for Social Research and Doctor of Philosophy in English literature from NYU. The same year, he was arrested by Russian authorities and charged with fraud. President Vladimir Putin pardoned him in 2013, following which he left on his exile. Internet entrepreneur and Reddit co-founder stock price quote and latest news Alexis Ohanian is also known as the husband of legendary tennis player Serena Williams. Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 twice, he spoke strongly against the 2011 Stop Online Piracy Act, wrote a bestselling book, and is an advocate for the paternity leave policy. Right IconThis ranking is based on an algorithm that combines various factors, including the votes of our users and search trends on the internet.

famous activist investors

On the other hand, the total realized pay also grew consistently between 2015 and 2019 except for 2016. While TSR dipped between 2017 and 2018 but rose again in 2019 jumping 7%. Over a three-year period, executive compensation consistently outstripped TSR. This reveals that while companies have consistently granted their CEOs generous compensation packages, they are not effectively aligned with their returns to shareholders. Governance issues such as shareholder rights, board tenure, independence, diversity, and expertise are all issues to improve performance, and so are attracting activist attention. The number of failed campaigns in 2020 is at 283, representing 53%, which is 65% higher than the number of unsuccessful campaigns in 2019.

"Yet another activist targets Salesforce — further validation there’s money to be made in the stock." Schedule 13D filers must disclose, among other facts, their reasons for acquiring the stake and any plans they may have for the company in terms of mergers and acquisitions, asset disposals, capitalization or dividends, or other policies. If they fail to persuade company managers, they may wage a proxy fight for board seats.

Nonetheless, the number of successful activist investor campaigns remained largely the same in 2018 from the previous year, with 100 successful campaigns compared with 101 in 2017. It is worth noting that of the activist campaigns 34% were either unsuccessful or withdrawn by the investors involved, while 32% of the campaigns were announced but were unable to gain traction or were ongoing. American investor, business tycoon and philanthropist Warren Buffett is considered one of the most successful investors in the world by the media.

In 2018, amicable agreements went up to 197 compared with 164 in 2017, representing a 20% increase. Moreover, only 18% of 2020 decided 13D situations have resulted in a loss versus 34% of decided 2020 UTT campaigns while 15% of 13D engagements have resulted in a full or partial win versus 28% of UTT situations. Moreover, this is consistent with the aggregate number of 13D and UTT campaigns between 2014 and 2020.

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Peltz has expressed satisfaction with the company's direction and decision to make changes, praising Iger and his management team. Just understand that while activist investor campaigns sometimes produce results that dramatically improve the share price, activist-targeted stocks should be approached with caution. According to a 2019 Harvard Law School report, just 17% of activist investor campaigns that year were successful; the vast majority of campaigns – 56% – either failed or were still in progress one year later. Another characteristic that famous investors share is their focus on and mastery of one specific approach to investing.

famous activist investors

This was a huge move since Elliott held 10 million shares of $TWTR that were worth $387 million on March 31. It was also during the second quarter that the fiasco of Elon Musk announcing he was buying Twitter occurred. One can assume there were many issues behind the scenes as Elon Musk publicly commented on his potential acquisition of the social media platform.

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Schedule 13D is a form that must be filed with the SEC when a person or group acquires more than 5% of a voting class of a company's shares. Some have feared the changes proposed to the Schedule 13D disclosure requirements in 2022 constitute a pressing threat, with Elliott Investment Management stating publicly that the proposed rules "will virtually shut down activism." There has been a claim that "activism is dying," lamented Carl Icahn in May 2022, contrasting the legendary investor's few-holds-barred approach seen in the past.

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