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The difference is that a death cross occurs when a shorter-term moving average positioned above a longer-term moving average drops below the longer-term one. This type of crossover is a technical indicator that gives you signals about bullish trends in the market. It occurs when the long-term moving average is crossed by a short-term one indicating upward movement.

  • A golden cross is when the asset’s 50-day simple moving average crosses above its 200-day SMA.
  • In fact, if the moving averages are too responsive to short term prices, it may be harder to interpret the long term bias.
  • However, even if the signals worked historically, it does not guarantee they will continue to do so going forward.
  • The only issue with this approach is you are likely to give back a sizeable portion of your profits since moving averages are a lagging indicator.

Using numerous trade conditions after the crossing increases the good trading likelihood. To find it, technical analysts plot two moving averages of a stock or other asset’s price — a short-term average and a long-term average. A golden cross intersection is when a short-term average is below the long-term average, but at some point, it cuts the graph and becomes higher.

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Golden cross breakout signals can be used with various momentum oscillators like stochastic, MACD , and RSI to find out when the bullish trend is overbought or oversold. Golden Cross pattern strategy - buying tradeTo make the strategy more efficient, let us add the signals of the RSI with a standard period 14. After the Golden Cross gives us a signal to buy, wait for the RSI line to decline below 50%. After it returns above 50%, open a buying position, with an SL slightly lower than the local low. Lock in profit after the RSI, upon going up, demonstrates a reversal and escapes the overbought area (the level 0f 70%). The Golden Cross gives a signal to buy when the fast EMA with period 50 crosses the slow EMA with period 200 from below.


A signaled the possible start of a bullish trend. The increasing gap between the two moving averages highlighted the momentum of the rising market. The interaction between the two moving averages offers meaningful analysis.

What to Watch Out for When Using Golden Crosses and Death Crosses

Discover the range of and learn how they work - with IG Academy's online course. Of course, you must have ground rules to avoid being distracted by the indicator signals. Compare these to those in the “Meandering Phase” chart above. You’ll notice that there are more overlapping price bars within the in-between zone. The Golden Cross serves as a signal for us to watch out for the development of a bullish bias.

  • Then use other technical tools to make the buying and selling decisions.
  • The death cross occurs when the short-term average trends down and crosses the long-term average, basically going in the opposite direction of the golden cross.
  • On the daily chart below, we see that that the price of Bitcoin continued to soar after moving above the 50-day and 200-day moving averages.
  • This information has been prepared by IG, a trading name of IG Markets Limited.
  • It calculates the average closing prices of an asset in a particular time frame.

Right after the cross, you may open a buying position, with a Stop Loss behind the local low of the price chart, and the profit locked at the backward crossing of the MAs. The main signal of this strategy is the crossing of two Exponential Moving Averages with different periods. MAs have long been acknowledged as a simple and efficient instrument of tech analysis.

What is a golden cross?

Find the approximate amount of currency units to buy or sell so you can control your maximum risk per position. From basic trading terms to trading jargon, you can find the explanation for a long list of trading terms here. Move right to select “ForexWOT-GoldenCrossSystem” trading system and strategy.

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The article highlights how some experts advise not using traditional wisdom to watch the crypto market, although traders use it. For example, many bitcoin traders utilize both; the golden and death intersection technique for long-term investments – an ancient stock market approach. It develops when short-term up movement is faster than long-term. This is because it is often a significantly lagging indicator. As a result, it may not occur until the bearish market has turned bullish.

Once the market enters the trending phase, there are many low-risk trading opportunities. However, it is not uncommon for the market to stay in the meandering phase for a prolonged period. This bullish thrust brought the market away from the sideways consolidation.

In order to spot a golden cross in trading, traders must first track two moving averages. In many cases the 50-day moving average and the 200-day moving average will be used. The basic usage of a Golden Cross strategy is to exit your position should the short term moving average cross below the long term moving average. Adding a stop loss and profit target can help you increase the profitability of the Golden Cross strategy. That said, back testing a golden cross trading strategy upon various asset classes can drive interesting results and one might just find this more applicable as a technical analysis tool.

Whereas a news event can push prices significantly in one direction where a Golden Cross strategy will be profitable. Spending a short time before trading analyzing the news can help you know when to use a Golden Cross strategy. While the abovementioned crossing of moving averages sound reasonably intuitive, technical analysts would highlight that there are three stages to the golden cross. MA crossover strategies are one of the simplest strategies to automate since the buy and sell signals are clear cut, and there are only two indicators. MetaTrader 4 , the international platform which we offer to our clients, has its own programing language and built-in coding capability for automated strategies.

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And you will have to wait quite long for the trend to end so that you could lock in profit. A signal to sell called the Death Cross forms when the fast EMA with period 50 crosses the slow EMA with period 200 from above. After the MAs cross, you may open a selling position, with an SL behind the local high on the price chart and the profit locked when the MAs cross back. A Golden Cross is a signal to buy that emerges when the fast EMA crosses the slow one from below.

The main rules and peculiarities of the Golden Cross

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Well, when the market movement is really good and the price is making big moves, you won’t notice much of a difference between the entry signals of the two moving averages. One will be earlier than the other, but compared to the big moves price makes in a good trend, they are not that far from each other. Now remember, both strategies were tested on the same pair, same timeframe, and almost the same market structure. But if you look at the profit graph of the Weighted Moving Average Golden Cross, you will see that it is more consistently going in the upward direction.

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When you are a short-term day trader, you need a moving average that is fast and reacts to price changes immediately. That’s why it’s usually best for day-traders to stick with EMAs in the first place. You have to stick to the most commonly used moving averages to get the best results. Moving averages work when a lot of traders use and act on their signals. Thus, go with the crowd and only use the popular moving averages. For these types of golden crosses, you may want to avoid them.

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